Green Cribs & Bedding…zzzzzzzzzz

New parents may claim this fact is a myth, but babies spend 14-18 hours a day in their cribs sleeping…and that’s why this is the best place to invest in organic, non-toxic materials.  If you have to choose, skip the organic towels and blankets and (gasp!) cute room decor and invest in a sustainably-made crib, a non-toxic mattress, and organic sheets for your little one.


Loom CribNurseryworks Loom Crib for our nursery. It is made in the USA, non-toxic, and converts to a toddler bed for bonus use. I was lucky to find one gently-used on Craigslist – it retails new for around $600.

I also like the Oeuf Robin Crib and the Spot On Square Eicho Crib, which both retail around $550.


Naturepedic organic crib mattressNew mattresses are treated with flame-retardants and contain foam cushioning that off-gas VOCs, or Volatile Organic Compounds, into the air. Children and babies (and mamas and daddies) should limit their exposure to these toxins — and choosing an organic or natural material mattress is a healthy choice for your nursery.

I have been really happy with our NaturePedic NO-COMPROMISE™ Organic Cotton Classic crib mattress.  I chose the 2-stage dual firmness option, which allows you to flip the mattress over and have slightly more cushion when you transition your crib to a toddler bed.  Cost: $259 for the basic model, $299 for the dual firmness option.


A quick Google or Amazon search will present you with a vast array of organic crib bedding options at a variety of price points. I like Tadpoles Organic Flannel Sheets. They’ve held up great through 9 months 2 years of weekly (sometimes more!) washing – and at $29 for a set of two, they’re a  budget-friendly option after splurging on the organic mattress.  I’m also fond of the sassy orange stripes on the Giggle Better Basics Fitted Organic Sheet.  At $40, they’re pricey, but amazingly soft, durable, and stylish!