Cloth Diapers Aren’t Scary

Cloth diapering is good for your pocketbook and great for the planet.  While a bit of an investment up front, cloth diapering can save your family over $1,000 per kiddo in comparison to buying disposables – and think of all of the diapers you’re keeping out of the landfills!

We use bumGenius 4.0 One Size diapers at our house. They are super easy, have adjustable snaps that adjust to fit your baby from birth through 36 lbs. and come with a full-size and doubling insert (for nighttime wear).  The 4.0 One Size comes with either a velcro closure or a snap closure…I found the snap closure to be more difficult when our son was very little but super handy once his little hands started wanting to un-velcro his diaper. Continue reading



THINGS I LIKE: Gro-Via Magic Stick

Why I Like It:

This natural diaper ointment is like a giant chapstick for your baby’s bum! Great for catching and healing redness/chaffing before full-on diaper rash sets in. Especially handy for newborn and breastfed babies. Costs around $14, and lasts 6 months to one year, depending on how often you’re using it.